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Criminal Lawyer Minnesota

Charged with a Crime in Minnesota? Criminal Lawyer Adam L. Goldfine Can Help

When you are facing criminal charges in Minnesota, you need a Minnesota criminal attorney who is committed to providing you with the very best representation allowed, and that Minnesota criminal attorney is Adam L. Goldfine. With years of experience as a successful criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, Mr. Goldfine has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your rights are upheld and protected during each step of your case. Your future is too valuable to risk the negative effects of a conviction and being labeled a criminal for the rest of your life. Retaining the very best Minnesota criminal defense lawyer possible could make the difference between your freedom and incarceration. Choose the Minnesota criminal defense attorney who will work aggressively and passionately on your behalf.

Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Goldfine  – When You Need Aggressive and Vigorous Criminal Defense in Minnesota

Adam L. Goldfine is fully versed in the laws regarding the criminal charges you are facing.  Because of his experience on both sides of the courtroom, he understands the strategies and tactics the prosecution may use in their case against you. Because he understands the legal and factual arguments they may use, Minnesota defense lawyer Adam L. Goldfine can work to build the strongest defense allowable to aggressively fight for the very best outcome possible in your case.

Charged with DUI in Minnesota? Theft? Domestic Assault? No Matter the Charge, Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Adam L. Goldfine Will Protect Your Rights

Minnesota attorney Adam L. Goldfine knows that it is imperative for you to have an aggressive defense attorney fighting on your side when walking into a Minnesota courtroom. Regardless of the charges you are facing, you still have rights that should be protected. Minnesota lawyer Adam L. Goldfine is fully committed to every one of his clients, whether they have been charged with disorderly conduct, domestic assault, dui, dwi, theft, sexual misconduct, or any other criminal charge in Minnesota. When you retain Mr. Goldfine as your criminal lawyer in Minnesota, you have the guarantee that you have a criminal defense attorney who will:

  • Comprehensively represent your rights regardless of your alleged crime, situation, or background;

  • Provide you with the individualized and personalized attention that you and your case deserve;

  • Aggressively and passionately represent and defend you, both in and out of the courtroom; and

  • Stay current on your case’s developments and communicate with you about these developments.

Minnesota criminal attorney Adam L. Goldfine knows that you are facing one of the most difficult events in your life, and he will treat you with dignity and respect you deserve while pursuing every available angle and argument while advocating on your behalf.

Adam L. Goldfine – Aggressive and Experienced Minnesota Defense Lawyer

A conviction for a criminal charge often results in severe consequences and a lifetime worth of stigma. This is why it is essential you have the very best Minnesota criminal defense for your case to fight these charges. Despite the fact you know you are innocent, and you believe the prosecution has no evidence against you, and you know that most of their evidence against you was obtained by violating your rights, you still need a knowledgeable and experienced Minnesota defense lawyer diligently working to show the court all these things for you. The criminal court system in Minnesota can be very difficult, frustrating, and overwhelming to face and navigate by yourself, but Minnesota attorney Adam L. Goldfine has the necessary seasoned experience to accompany you through each step in your case and to help you achieve your goals and obtain the best possible outcome at the end of the day.

Your Criminal Defense Attorneys in Minnesota – Defending You Against All Types of Charges and Allegations

As a well respected and reputable defense attorney in Minnesota, Mr. Goldfine is all too aware of the practically endless statutes and available charges that prosecutors may try to bring against you simply to get a conviction. As your criminal defense lawyer, Adam L. Goldfine is prepared to advocate on your behalf and defend you against whatever charges you are facing or being investigated for.  Mr. Goldfine focuses on the following practice areas, including but not limited to:

  • Assault

  • Attempted Murder

  • Battery

  • Burglary

  • Domestic Assault

  • Drug crimes (Possession, Sale, Distribution)

  • DUI & DWI

  • Failure to Register

  • Federal crimes

  • Felonies

  • Fraud

  • Gun & Weapons charges

  • Misdemeanors

  • Murder

  • Probation violations

  • Theft & Shoplifting

  • Robbery

  • Sexual Misconduct

  • Traffic violations

  • White collar crimes

  • … and many more crimes

Whether you have been charged with possession of marijuana in Minnesota or are facing a charge of criminal sexual misconduct, Minnesota defense attorney Adam L. Goldfine is available to meet with you and provide you with a free initial consultation where he will evaluate your case and explain the charges against you so you can understand what you are facing, the potential outcomes, and the best available defense strategies.

Your Best Decision for a Criminal Attorney in Minnesota Is the Knowledgeable and Passionate Adam L. Goldfine

When you meet with Attorney Goldfine in Minnesota for a free initial consultation, he will comprehensively analyze your case and demonstrate what you need as a legal counsel to determine the necessary steps to advance your defense for your case.  If he agrees to take on your case, Mr. Goldfine will explain the process and walk you through everything in your case you can expect, and then directly provide you with the most aggressive criminal defense allowable.

When Searching for a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer, Contact Adam L. Goldfine

If you have been arrested in Minnesota, no matter how simple or complex the charge is, Adam L. Goldfine is the criminal defense lawyer known for passionate, experienced, and aggressive defense. Attorney Goldfine has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from DUI, Drug Possession, Criminal Sexual Misconduct and violent crimes to theft crimes and traffic offenses. If you are searching for a Minnesota expungement attorney, Adam Goldfine and the lawyers at Tarshish Cody PLC can also assist you with this. To contact us, call our direct phone line 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 612.217.4357612.217.4357. You may also text this number for a quick call back. You will receive a no-obligation free initial consultation.

Proven results

Charge(s): 1st Degree DWI; Facing up to 7 years in prison and $14,000 Fine.
Result: Sentenced to 90 days in jail, complete treatment and probation, and No Fine.
Dakota County (Lakeville) / 3 Prior DUIs / Blood Alcohol Level: 0.18
Charge(s): Misdemeanor Theft
Result: Continuance for Dismissal
Dakota County (Apple Valley) / no prior / value taken: $45
Charge(s): 3rd Degree Burglary; Computer Theft; Terroristic Threats
Result: Computer Theft; Terroristic Threats
Blue Earth County
Charge(s): 5th Degree Possession
Result: Stay of Imposition
McLeod County / no prior / Methamphetamine

What our clients say about us

Even good people sometimes make mistakes and have run-ins with the law. Scott Cody and Adam Goldfine didn't treat me like a criminal, they treated me like a person and they had my back. If I ever have trouble with the law again, they are the first people I'm calling.

Brad S.*

I knew I didn't want to go to jail with two young children at home that needed me. Mr. Goldfine was compassionate and he explained my situation to the prosecutor. In the end, it all worked out and I am so thankful (and so are my kids).

Jenny T.*

You want an aggressive and experienced defense attorney for your case? It's going to cost some money (obviously), but Adam was very affordable and worked with my situation.


Adam Goldfine might be the first attorney I've hired that actually listened to my side of the story and let me make decisions for my case, unlike past attorneys that were thinking it's their way or the highway. I appreciate that.

Desiree B*

*Name was changed to protect the client's identity.

General Criminal Defense: Free Attorney Consultation

Have Your Case Analyzed by an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Minnesota

No-Obligation Consultation

Or Call Us Now!